Team & Partners

Our Team


Valentin Salcedo

Managing Partner

A graduate of the Ecole Navale, ESADE and Harvard Business School, Valentin has 10 years' experience in mergers and acquisitions and in advising family businesses.


Paul Herbert

Technology Associate

Paul graduated from IESEG in 2013 and brings to Ilium Partners five years of experience in strategy consulting, as well as an operational background in IT start-ups. He has spent the last three years in San Francisco, CA, USA, bridging the gap between traditional industries and innovative players.


Jérôme Martinez

Biotechnology & Healthcare Venture Partner

With a doctorate in pharmacy, a master's degree in health law and an MBA from HEC (Paris) and Keio Business School (Tokyo), Jérôme Martinez held various positions in the pharmaceutical industry in marketing, business development and R&D in Europe and the United States before becoming an entrepreneur.

Emmanuel Amon

Emmanuel Amon

SaaS Venture Partner

A qualified chartered accountant, Emmanuel Amon has over 25 years' experience in business management and solving complex operational growth issues. He founded Viareport, a software publisher specialising in accounting standards and financial reporting, in 2005, and sold the company to the InsightSoftware group in 2020.

Xavier Dufour

Xavier Dufour

Edtech Venture Partner

A physiotherapist by training, Xavier is the founder of ITMP, a continuing education company for healthcare professionals. An active Business Angel, he invests in a number of innovative companies in the education and training sectors.

Geoffroy-Guena nb

Geoffroy Guena

Adtech & Martech Venture Partner

A graduate of Université de Paris Sud and HEC Paris, Geoffroy is a pioneering AdTech entrepreneur with over 25 years' experience in Europe and the US, specialising in product innovation and strategy. Geoffroy is the co-founder of, an advanced TV advertising technology company.